8 Things about Lupita Nyongo That You Did Not Know!


Sheer talent, decency, and class are the words that can be used to describe the Kenyan Hollywood actress Lupita Nyongo; a living proof that hard work really pays without the necessity to expose your nudes to the public, contrary to what many socialites believe in. Moreover, her success has been noted from many quarters globally, and we are not the only ones who have noted her impeccability.

Over the recent past, various international magazines and blogs with the likes of Huffington post, and aggregator online news have been paying massive tribute to the Kenyan screen goddess.

Enough of the jibber jabbers check out all the wonderful facts we have learnt about this lass.

1)      She loathes shopping. Really? Although I cannot figure it out or even believe it.

2)      However, she loves and enjoys working with her stylist Micaela Erlanger.

3)      She thinks Anna wintour is gracious and most importantly very sweet. Gasp!

4)      Her magnificent, beautiful, flawless skin was not always a reality. When she was growing up, back in the days she had a skin disorder that was later cured by top-notch medical team. The disease was cleared by some special medicinal herbs from Madagascar. Fascinating!

5)      Talking of her baldness. Well Lupita has been bald and beautiful indeed, since the age of nineteen. Contrary to what many ladies would do, she decided to shave it clean after being fed up with her almost weekly salon visits and applying many dyes, as well as chemicals.

6)      She had a strong passion in acting and was always that ‘drama’ girl during her education times. She started from a humble background, taking notes on what not to do in the acting industry and sticking to the golden rules of being successful. After continuously trying out in this niche, her first breakthrough was taking part in “Romeo and Juliet” at a repertory theater back in Kenya. This saw her taking part in big plays like Shuga 1 among other acts.

7)      Although Kenyan and bred in Kenya, the star was actually born in Mexico and her name is the diminutive form of the tag “Guadalupe”.

8)      She went to Hampshire College for her undergraduate degree and thereafter graduated from Yale school of drama. Voila! And as we can say the rest is history.

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2 thoughts on “8 Things about Lupita Nyongo That You Did Not Know!

  1. Hehe… Am proud of Lupita. She is a true example of what a humble beginning and consistency in one’s interests means. Thanks Allan for the review.. U great nigga.

    • Thanks for stopping by. And what if every Kenyan develops a big mind and dream like lupita? I think we will have a better country after all..

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