January Approaches. Learn How to Make Extra Money During Holidays


Apparently, nearly every person blows money fast during the holidays, mainly on gifts, decorations, food, and having fun generally. However, what many people fail to understand is how they will bail out themselves from inevitable financial constraints and probably, huge debts in the beginning of a new year. On many occasions, you will find many people struggling hard to make ends meet, while cutting down their expenditures during New Year. Nonetheless, it takes a diligent mind to know how to maneuver their way out of this kind of situation. So, what can you do to remain on the safer side? Simple! Find some extra source of income during the holidays, lest you want to ‘gnash’ your teeth come next year.

It is actually, possible to make some extra money at holiday time, which can be helpful when you are trying to save for a big party or gift, worrying how you will cater your needs or even plotting how you will pay down your holiday’s debts in the New Year. Generally, the male guys are known to be more susceptible to being broke. Various arguments have been raised in a bid to find out, why boys suffer from this chronic and phenomenal state of brokenness. Some people claim that, ladies are hot cakes, and easily find their way out through commercialized sexual escapades while attracting the working caliber in town.

While this has not been classified as an official way of making money, or what you may call income, you cannot completely rely on it. Do you get my drift? However, are there any doable and legal ways to make extra coins for anyone out there? Actually, this is not only practical but also essential. There are various ways you can go a notch higher to make extra cash enough to sustain you throughout the holiday, and see you a little through the month of January. Enough of the jibber jabber, now here are some of the practical ways of making extra cash, which you will never fail, to thank me.

1)      Part time tutoring

If you are probably in college, it is because you have gone through the primary or grade school. At least, you were good at some subjects while you were there. Yes, major on it, and approach willing parents. Offer to be their children part time teacher, for a small fee. Voila! Your first income is trickling.

2)      Do promotional modeling

Everyone is attractive including you. Failing to get your special spark is a total no no. Work on your looks and body, and get out of the closet; find marketing companies running various promotions. Enroll as a part time model, especially during the holidays, which normally involve loads of adverts. Most of these usually come with an enticing perquisite, enough to take care of your bills throughout the holiday.

3)      Run a car wash

If you think this is too dirty, then think twice. You probably have no idea of how it feels to be slapped by the harshness of dire lack, as well as brokenness. Get a convenient spot, in town, church, or any other public area where you are assured of constant flow of customers in need of your cleaning services. Offer friendly, yet competitive prices and the next big thing you know is that, you will be on your way to the bank with a big smile, banking your hard-earned money.

Whatever, the situation you have no reason to be broke during the holidays. All you have to do is check around and get some usefulness for your expertise and talents. Be it emceeing during holidays parties, doing online writing jobs, selling second hand clothes, part time internship, and the list is endless. With the above practical ways, am assured you are spoilt for choice.  One thing is vivid, Life with money is definitely a good life, and life without money is not a life worth living.

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2 thoughts on “January Approaches. Learn How to Make Extra Money During Holidays

  1. am enlightened..nice work!..part time tutoring maybe
    modelling yes..
    online writing definitely..just choose one that best suits you

    • Allan

      @stella thanks for that! yeah those jobs are so doable, it all boils down to the urge to do it , and make some extra cash :)

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