Successful Entrepreneurs Who Started Off As Freelancers.

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If you want to start a small business, you design a plan, make some financial decisions, fill up some legal statement and voila you are done! It sounds easy and quite doable. You know what, freelancing is also a simple and doable business, depending on your attitude. Conversely, there is more that you can do rather than sitting in front of your computer, publicizing your services, delivering projects to satiate and please clients. You can try your luck in entrepreneurship.

Well, shifting from freelance to entrepreneurship may sound a bit precarious. I know some of you may be quick to think that you lack what is required to be a successful entrepreneur. Okay, you at least have to start from somewhere, aye? There is a great difference between an entrepreneur and a freelancer. Freelancers just concentrate on submitting projects/work and being paid for it. While on the other hand, entrepreneurs are keener on creating long-term businesses that work. The latter earn money while they are sleeping. In return, they embrace risks involved and have to be ready for new challenges. Anyway let me cut short my unsolicited ado. I have listed three examples of entrepreneurs who started as freelancers before hopping into lucrative business, turning themselves into successful entrepreneurs.

1)      Brian Wong;

brian-wong-kiipNow a budding entrepreneur, founder and director of, Wong started as a freelancer, designing ads for clients. He innovated the mobile game advertising model, and thereafter founded Kiip;  a mobile rewarding application that lets companies to offer clients with rewards for certain virtual accomplishments. This idea made Wong to be listed as world’s youngest and venture funded business person, and Mashable named him among the top five young entrepreneurs to watch.

2)      Sahil  Lavingia

Sahil-LavingiaWhile doing freelance jobs at, Sahil gained immense experience, which helped him to come up with ; a website service that aims at helping people to sell and buy goods online. He is a young immensely talented designer and entrepreneur to watch; owing to the fact that he has designed a number of apps for renowned brands in media industry. World famous artists like Wiz Khalifa happen to have use Gumroad to sell items online, meaning it is on the right road to success.

3)      Alex Mangini

Alex-ManginiHe is the owner and CEO of Alex started as a freelancer, delivering his services to clients before coming up with an ostentatious thesis skins for WordPress. Being a talented and creative lad, he combined his Photoshop and web designing ideas to come up with impeccable themes that just gives him an edge in the market. Kolakube sells premium thesis skins for word press. It has offered its services to savvy online bloggers and marketers such as, Lewis Homes and many others.

There are many approaches of turning freelance business into something bigger than what you always do on daily basis. Just commit yourself, embrace new challenges, and think of something that many people need.

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3 thoughts on “Successful Entrepreneurs Who Started Off As Freelancers.

  1. We can’t really under estimate the job as a freelancer. We might not get an assurance with it but with the hard work and strong dedication, we can be successful. I am proud to say that I am too, is a freelancer!

    • I do agree with you Dawn Zalis, i have been a freelancer for the last 3 years. Guess what” Am still in love with freelancing.

  2. Being a freelancer means greater freedom to do what you want and work on your interest. Freelancers don’t feel much burden since they usually love what they do, even for a living. The success of these freelancing people in their own fields could serve as a prime example to the horde freelancers around the world. Of course, success comes with determination and hard work. Freelancers face many instances where laxity might cause their failure. But most of the time, freelancers were able to hurdle the challenges in the field.

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