Top 4 Reasons Why You are Still Unemployed

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Looking for a job is one of the greatest burdens that a man has to bear in his lifetime. The current economic times have not made this task any easier—soon, the search for a job would be akin to prospecting for gold. A survey by Monster Worldwide in 2013 revealed that job searching is increasingly becoming challenging as the years roll by. Of the 6,000 respondents in the survey, 77 percent believed that finding an occupation is becoming harder than the years before.

Staying unemployed is an unpleasant situation for most people whose search for jobs may not yet have bore fruits. Other than the economic times, other factors may conspire to deny you success in the job market. They include:
1. Poor Interview Skills
You may be wondering why you get called for interviews yet you gain nothing positive in the form of a job from them. Take a look at your preparations for your the interviews, which may be giving a wrong impression to the hiring authorities about your suitability for the vacant position. Things to avoid when going for an interview include chewing gum, dressing inappropriately or arriving late for the interviews. Research the company beforehand to familiarize yourself with its inner workings. You can also rehearse the anticipated questions with a friend or relative and learn to stay composed during the d-day.
2. Rotting Job Skills
Staying unemployed for a long time may be the other reason potential employers do not want to hire you. This is in the belief that you would need a lot of time and training to adapt to the responsibilities of the job. Consequently, resources, such as, cost and time would be spent to help you in this regard—something that most companies seek to avoid. Nurses and statisticians are examples of professionals who might be affected in this scenario. Finding something to do—volunteering, for instance—would help you avoid this predicament because you would be putting your skills to use.
3. Poor Networking
Failure to know people could inhibit your job search because there would be no one to connect you to a job. In 2010, Jobvite, a recruitment technology firm in the United States, conducted a survey that revealed that 44 percent of job seekers found employment via networking. A top secret of job markets is that most companies do not advertise most of their jobs through media, such as, the Internet, newspapers or TV. Most of these positions are filled by people who found them by networking with those who work in those companies. Reach out to friends, former work colleagues, college professors or relatives who can always alert you when there is a job opening.
4. Extinct Jobs
Sometimes, your job title for which you are qualified may be extinct or in danger of disappearing. This could be as a result of the emergence of new technologies that can perform your functions. It could also be attributable to the presence of many professionals in your desired job industry. The anecdote for this problem is to change industries or go back to school and study for a course that is in demand.
Unemployment brings a lot of problems, such as, stress, health complications, low tax revenue and crime. While you may be quick to blame the government for its failure to create jobs, part of the reason for your joblessness could be of your own making. Unless you correct these mistakes, your stay at the jobless corner seems destined to last.

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